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Do's And Don'ts Of Instagram Marketing

As a tool for promoting your business and getting your name out there, Instagram is unbeatable. Visitors to your account can see and interact with the photographs and videos you share. However, as with all social media marketing, businesses must adapt to rules when creating an organic feed that grows organically. You can attract and engage with the people you want to reach by posting attractive photographs and videos. Instagram is a valuable marketing tool for every business, with more than 700 million active monthly users. Since last year, the platform has been delivering more advertising options and precise reporting data as part of its new business features. However, as with any other social media channel, certain etiquette is involved in creating content that engages your audience and promotes organic growth. So, how do you develop an A+ Instagram profile? Using the tips and tricks listed below, you can take your Instagram page from average at best to five-star status in no time.
Do Showcase Your Brand’s Unique Look:
Once you’ve developed a signature style, ensure it’s evident throughout your Instagram profile. Consistently employ the colors and filters that best represent your brand in your social media posts. Define the visual style of your page and utilize a limited palette of colors to convey it. Instagram photographs and colors should reflect the entire feel of your brand.
Do Make the Most of Your Bio:
In addition to the fact that your bio is the first thing people see, it is the only place to include links in your Instagram profile. Are you making the most of it, or are you wasting it? Use this place to encourage visitors to take additional action and direct them to a great resource. A new service, job, product, or blog piece might be on your mind, so point them in the right direction. In your bio, provide a call to action (CTA) that your followers can click on when they see a post you’ve shared on your feed. Using your Instagram bio to its full potential is a fantastic method to increase traffic to your website.
Do Try Instagram Advertisements:
Using a variety of ad formats such as videos, animations, and stories, marketers can grab attention on the internet using a variety of mediums. With the introduction of the story ad format recently, Instagram’s sponsored feature has been available since 2015. Whether it’s fashion, music, travel, or food, Instagram is where people share and search for what they find interesting. Instead of simply relying on demographic data, advertisers may use this powerful marketing tool to reach consumers with the same interest or passion.
Do Promote Upcoming Events Is A Terrific Way To Connect With Your Audience:
Share your location with your followers via geo-tagging and invite anyone who happens to be nearby. Organic brand ambassadors are simple to develop if you can get out and meet your fans in person (and show them how awesome you are!). Use a hashtag or tag your account in your audience’s postings if you aren’t present at the place or event to better understand what your audience is saying.
Do Remember The 80/20 Rule:
“It’s relevant.” What do we mean by this? 20% of your postings should be devoted to marketing your product. The other 80% of your content should be focused on attracting and retaining followers rather than promoting your product or service directly. Again, the emphasis is on lifestyle-related content.
Do Remember Who Your Ideal Customer Is:
If you explore their story, you’ll find that you have several post ideas to choose from. Who are these people? What sort of interests do they have? Do they have a passion for something in particular? What are their favorite places to shop, play, eat and drink? ‘ What are their favorite literature, music, movies, and television shows? To where and what do they want to go on their vacations?
Don’t Over post:
You should publish only when necessary to avoid irritating your followers, just like on any other network. Please do not post more than once or twice daily (for most businesses) unless your audience responds better to it.
Don’t Use Follow Bots Or Auto-Commenters On Your Posts:
I wouldn’t say I like generic auto-comments and being followed by the same individual repeatedly. If you think that social media users aren’t aware of these exchanges, you are wrong. You risk appearing off as spam, which could scare away potential followers.
Don’t Post Inappropriate Content For Engagement:
Keep your postings focused on your brand or relevant topics to your targeted audience (and followers). Even if you’re looking for a more entertaining article to get more attention, remember to link it back to your brand’s mission at all times.
Don’t Forget To Take A Few Measurements First:
Every aspect of marketing, including Instagram, must be measured. Once you’ve decided on your goals, you’ll need to identify the metrics that will allow you to monitor your progress. Unfortunately, it cannot be easy to figure out which areas of your growth you should track. To increase your following and brand exposure, for example, tracking daily followers, shares, and mentions on your social media platforms of choice would be beneficial. Likewise, you should track likes and comments if you want to boost user engagement.
Don’t Forget To Display Your Brand’s Personality:
You’ve undoubtedly already set the tone of your brand’s voice; now it’s time to ensure that Instagram reflects that voice. Social media is a more personal way to connect with your audience than other marketing strategies. With Instagram, you can visually represent your brand and give your fans a better sense of who you are as a company and what you’re about. Consider your audience’s preferences and create more exciting content based on those preferences!
Do Not Overuse The Hashtags:

Using the right hashtags to promote your company on Instagram is essential, but be careful not to overdo it by using too many. Hashtags can be problematic for marketers because of the ambiguity surrounding the optimal number of tags to utilize in a post. Therefore, we don’t advocate using more than 30 hashtags on Instagram, which is the maximum number allowed by the app.

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