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Many strategies exist for attracting new clients to a company. Many people think of advertising as a realistic option. PR, telemarketing, email blasts, and social networking are some alternatives.

Think about your end goal for the ad before you begin creating it. Start with a solution you can provide your target audience. Instead of focusing on style, present the information concisely.

Evaluate your financial plan to see if it will allow you to accomplish your company’s goals. Think about the advertising strategies employed by your competitors, and evaluate whether or not you need to adopt the same approach.

If your advertising budget exceeds AED 50,000, you should consult a professional advertising agency. An average advertising firm will cost 15 percent of your whole advertising expenditure.

One advertising strategy will only work for some businesses. For instance, an online ad for a limited-time deal could generate sales almost immediately, while a brand awareness campaign could take weeks or months to show results.

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